Driving School Saved my Life

Long before I was a barista, I found myself travelling the city on my own two feet or on two wheels a.k.a. a bicycle. Growing up in a small town like Kitchener had conditioned me that every place in the city is just a couple of blocks away, so the need for a car just went out the window. In college, I used a bicycle to go around the campus and to my home (there were no dormitories because everyone else lived in Kitchener and there were hardly any students from other cities). When I moved to the big city to become a barista, things were different and I often found myself in front of cars. I now know how a deer feels when he sees headlights.

My fate as a cycler was sealed when I found myself moving to a new pad located 10 minutes away from my coffee shop. I realized right then and there that I needed something more sturdy and reliable. I needed a car. But I didn’t have a license nor did I have any knowledge of getting behind the wheel. and it was hours full of thrill, suspense, fun, and a tinge of horror I found them at .

The teachers or instructors would first orient you about the rules of the road, like what street signs mean and what the YELLOW LIGHT in a stoplight really means. Once you’re past that, you go to the different functions of a car when you’re behind the wheel. You are oriented about the different pedals, the gear stick, the switches for headlights and turning lights, and so on. Then you take a series of tests too to keep your mind sharp. After all, the course I took lasted roughly 2 months at 3 hours per session at 3 sessions per week.

The driving test takes place in an empty parking lot with cones or in an airfield, but I was stuck with the former. It was kind of difficult because it tests your ability to multitask and trust me, it’s very challenging. The real challenge also began when I hit the open road. Thanks to the car that had a label of STUDENT DRIVER, I only had two instances of drivers cursing at me. It takes a week before you know if you pass or fail and then if you pass, you’re eligible for a driver’s license.

A week later, I passed and got my license. I also borrowed my grandmother’s Volkswagen to drive around the city. A driving school is the best way to know how to drive, but you can still do it on your own if you have someone to teach you. The only difference is the quality of the lessons you’re going to get.

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